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Staff Stability Toolkit -This toolkit was created by Quality Partners of Rhode Island, the
Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Rhode Island. Quality Partners has generously granted their permission for us to share this toolkit with health care providers in Louisiana. We hope you will fnd it helpful for your facility,

A Case for Consistent Assignment - Provider Magazine June 2006
Having the same caregivers consistently caring for the same patients on at least 85 percent of their shifts—sounds like a simple enough concept. But while it has proven to be a foundational first step in moving facilities from an institutional model of care
toward a person-centered model, studies show that it is currently practiced in only about 10 percent of the nation’s nursing facilities. READ MORE

Consistent Assignment Creates Familial BondsProvider Magazine June 2011
Staff, residents, and family members alike are so enthusiastic about consistent assignment that facility leaders are wondering, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

CNA Turnover Cost Calulator (PDF file)

CNA Turnover Rates Calculator (Word doc, PDF file)



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