Meet our Team of Nursing Home Quality Improvement Specialists:

Kim Byers
Kimberly Byers, NFA - South Louisiana
Kim is the Quality Improvement Manager for Patient Safety projects. She works with multiple healthcare settings, including nursing homes and hospitals. Kim has a background in Nursing Home Administration.
Julie Kueker
Julie Kueker, MBA, MT (ASCP) - North Louisiana
Julie joined eQHealth in 2000 and brings 20 years of experience in Quality Improvement and System Analysis to Louisiana nursing homes. Her tenure in both the nursing home and hospital setting allow her to problem solve and identify opportunities for improvement using a multi-disciplinary approach. Julie helps nursing homes design quality improvement programs benchmarked to national guidelines using staff education as a primary tactic for achieving success. Email

Wilma Marler

Wilma Marler, MSA, QMHP - Central Louisiana and Lake Charles
Wilma joined eQHealth Solutions in 2005 with significant experience in elderly care fields that represent aging transitions. Working with the elderly since 1988, Wilma’s experience includes Adult Day Health Care, Geri-Psych and Assisted Living for the elderly and disabled. This experience makes her uniquely qualified to offer the skills training necessary for working with teams and to help facilities improve their systems, processing, staff training and problem solving to strengthen services provided to the elderly population. Email

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